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100% Passing Rate from Real Estate Tutor Group – Results

To pass the Realtor License Exam it really depends on the individual, if one never studies and does not understand the material, passing the exam is 50/50. The key to passing your exam is one must understand the entire material and work on all the 1000 questions and understand them memorizing is not going to help. Therefore they are getting pretty tricky with the answers. Work hard and smart and you will be on your way to a successful real estate career.

Real Estate Exam Tutor was developed by the oldest real estate education company in Canada. We’ve helped prepare Hundreds of students to pass their Ontario real estate exams and have one of the highest first-time pass rates in the Real Estate a Great Real Estate Sales Person Doesn’t Become It Self.

Our Instructors Will Simplify The Course, By Compressing The Information Into What You Really Need To Know To Pass The Exam. It is Not Only Knowing the Right Information; It Is About Learning the Right Techniques for Successful Studying

What Do We Offer?

  • Updated Easy To Understand Notes And Study Materials
  • One – on – One Tutorial (100% Focus on Your Weak Areas).
  • Unlimited Help Until You Pass Your Realtor Exam.
  • Very Flexible Hours, 8:30 am To 9:30 pm, 7 Days A Week.
  • Showing The Most Important Topics and Parts To Study From The Book(s)
  • Explaining How Not To Get Confused In Multiple Choice Exams.
  • Over 1000 Practice Questions and Exams with Explanations.
  • Latest Exclusive Exam Review Questions Available For All Courses.
  • All Day Professional, Friendly, Helpful and Dedicated Service

100% Passing Rate from Real Estate Tutor Group – Results